Indian Winter
A Coming of Age Novel by Jane Laura Goldsmith

Author Jane Goldsmith

About The Author
My Creative Life

I've been involved in creative pursuits ever since I can remember ----in music, fiction, theatre, film, sculpture---sometimes several at once,  at other times concentrating on one.  I wrote and illustrated my first story at six, about  "Miss Babella Witch," who flew hither and yon on her broom and ate naughty children until she repented and was transformed into an owl.  A couple of years later I directed some neighborhood kids in a play, even persuading my younger brother to play the role of Santa Claus.  Much later I wrote a one-act, and then a full-length play, both of which were given staged readings.  Watching characters who had existed only in my mind take on full-dimensioned life onstage intoxicated me:  I created people--- it was like being a god!   I then went on to write a screenplay, and co-wrote another with a good friend, both centering on strong women who need to find their way by discovering and confronting a part of themselves they've lost touch with.  And now I'm struggling with a new full-length play whose creation is proving to be painful, frustrating, exciting and even, sometimes, fun.

Music started early, too, with piano lessons (and the dreaded yearly recitals).  In college I discovered choral singing, and have joined various choruses wherever I've lived.  Over the years I've reveled in Bach, Stravinsky, Mahler and Steven Sondheim, to name only a few favorites.  Singing and performing music continues to be a vital, energizing experience for me.

But I always came back to writing.  Twelve years ago a good friend told me how she'd tracked down a cousin who had "disappeared" years before, and when my friend met the cousin and her family, she let slip a secret that dumbfounded them all.  This so intrigued me that I started writing a short story about it, a story that, when I took it to a writing workshop at Squaw Valley, prompted the leader to assert:  "This feels less like a story than the beginning of a novel."  And, like a good student, over the next few years I wrote what has now become "Indian Winter."  I hope as readers of the novel you'll enjoy following the unfolding of a transformative year in the life of Winona, her family and her world.